Sheep and Goat Showmanship

Sheep and goat showmanship contests are open to all exhibitors who have entries in the sheep and goat shows at OYE.

Cattle and Swine Showmanship

Cattle and swine showmanship contests are county-qualified shows, open to only the exhibitors who have won their respected county showmanship competition.

There will be three divisions to be determined by the exhibitor's age as of the day of their county qualifying show.
The divisions are as follows:

Junior Division: 9-12 years of age
Intermediate Division: 13-15 years of age
Senior Division: 16-18 years of age

In order for a county to qualify an exhibitor for the OYE competition, the county must submit the name(s) of their county's winner(s) to OYE.

Legislative Showmanship

Tuesday, March 13
6pm in State Fair Arena

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