As I climbed into my truck this morning, ready to make the trip to the city for another day of work, I thought to myself, first of all, I’m thankful for a garage and that my truck’s leather seats aren’t completely freezing, but most of all I’m thankful to have a job working in the ag industry, where I get to work with incredibly talented youth and their families.

In my family, God comes first, family comes a close second and friends come third. But in the ag industry, and I know it’s a cliché, the line between family and friends blurs.

A dear family friend passed away from a sudden heart attack this past summer and at the funeral the stock show family came out in droves to say goodbye to their dear friend.

One of the family members was astonished with how truly tight of a bond the stock show family has with one another. It wasn’t the families their kids play sports with who showed up, it was the families who showed livestock with them. We truly rally around each other, through thick and thin and for that, I’m thankful.

Those same people who show up in tough moments are the same ones who run over and grab the other handle on the trimming chute as you struggle to drag it through the mud. They’re the ones who bring you a tea from Sonic, just because, and they’re the ones who meet you with halter in hand as you exit the ring, no matter the outcome.

The line between family and friends is blurry for many, but for the stock show family, I’d say we all fall under the same family tree.

So tonight, as I drive home, wondering if the forecasted snow will decide to fall or not, I’d like to remind you to be sure and tell your stock show family how much you love and appreciate them. But feel free to also tell them you’ll be spending every free minute you have this Christmas break in the barn, so when show day comes, you’ll be ready for ‘em.

– Written by JD Rosman


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