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VIP Parking Passes

The VIP parking sales will also be held online on February 7th and 8th . VIP parking spaces will be offered in the lot directly north of the barns (Blue Lot) and west of “West Covered Arena” (Green Lot). Of these 150 spots, 10 will be guaranteed front row. The green lot sale will be held on February 7th and the blue lot sale will be held on February 8th.

Handicap parking is always free of charge and available in the VIP parking lots. A handicap placard is required.

All other parking on the fairgrounds is free of charge.

Golf Cart/ATV Permits

Golf cart and ATV passes must be purchased prior to arrival at the show. There will be an online offering of passes on the Oklahoma Youth Expo website until February 11th. The price per pass will be $600.00. Once the pass is purchased, the buyer will be required to send the OYE a copy of their insurance (complete with the VIN number listed and one million dollars of liability) before the pass will be mailed. Any ATV that enters the gates at OYE without a pass will be required to pay $750.00 to purchase a pass for their ATV.

Cattle Tie Outs

OYE saw great success with the bedding provided at tie outs. Due to the demand, OYE will provide the initial bedding for the tie outs in the North lot in the form of cedar mulch. If you wish to bring your own or purchase additional bedding from the bedding store on the grounds you may. The cost of tie outs will be $20.00 per head.

Tie outs will again be in the north parking lot, located in the east corner.

We will also hold a VIP tie out sale online at oklahomashowgoats.com on February 8th, selling 144 tie outs under the awning of the West Covered Arena, on the west side of the grounds. Throughout the years, these have been the most sought after tie out locations and we feel the only fair way to assign these spots is through an online auction.



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