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A Christmas Birthday

With the ding of the timer, out comes the cake from the oven. While it’s cooling, a quick glance and the never ending list of to-do’s before Christmas tomorrow. Broccoli salad, cookies, mashed potatoes, finish wrapping, all things that need to be done before heading to Grandma’s. A quick glance out the window and what do you know, it’s snowing. 

Outside, chores never wait. Show pigs need fed and walked, heifers need to be washed and blown and the rest of the herd is waiting eagerly to be fed. Dad and his three kids bundle up in their winter coats, ski gloves and stocking caps ready to face the brutal northern wind and snow as they head to the barn. 

Up at Grandma’s, Grandma and Grandpa hurry around, cleaning an already immaculate house, checking the list: Dust, check. Vacuum, should’ve asked for a roomba. Bake cookies, check. Put the turkey in the oven tomorrow at 7 am, can do! The fireplace is on and at this time tomorrow, the house will be full of kids and grandkids, the whole family under one roof.

Back home, the cows are fed, the pigs are walked and the heifers are washed and blown, now back to the house. On the way up Dad asks the kids, “What do you hope Santa brings you?” The oldest, John says, “I want the new Andis Pulse clippers and a clipper case for them!” The middle, Madi says, “I want a karaoke machine!” Wes, the youngest says, “I want a John Deere combine!” Dad laughs, “Well you better be extra well behaved today and go help your Mom!” 

Later that night, after chores are done and after dinner, Mom brings out the cake she baked earlier that day with a candle on it and they start singing, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jesus, happy birthday to you!” The kids lean in and blow out the candle. Each year, they celebrate the birth of our Savior, to remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas.

Later that night, after the milk and cookies are left out for Santa, the kids jump in bed, excited for what the morning will bring, hoping Santa leaves just what they asked for. Then exhausted, Mom and Dad crawl in bed but all too soon, the whisper “Mom. Dad. Santa came!” wakes them up. Dad throws back the covers and says with a sly grin on his face, “Ahhh but the calves have to eat first!”

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you spend it surrounded by your loved ones and always remember the true meaning of Christmas.