The Oklahoma Youth Expo will host an event open to all 4-H and FFA members of Oklahoma: the OYE Skillathon. Students will be competing for $10,000 in scholarship money, which will be divided amongst the top five individuals in three age categories: junior, intermediate and senior. Age brackets will mirror the OYE showmanship age brackets. 4-H and FFA members do not have to exhibit at the OYE to be eligible for the Skillathon.

The OYE Skillathon will be a written exam based on cumulative knowledge over the four livestock species shown at OYE: beef, swine, sheep and goats. In order to qualify to take the test, ALL students must have completed certification in YQCA.

Information for certifying in YQCA can be found here:

This certification should adequately prepare youth for the exams. Certification AND registration must be complete by March 8th in order to participate—no exceptions.

On Monday, March 18 from 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m a unique test will be administered for each age division. The written tests will be administered in the Barn 3 Sales Pavilion. Students may begin their test at 4:30 p.m., however all tests will be picked up at 5:00 pm, regardless if the student is finished taking the test.

At 6:00 p.m., the top ten test scores for each division will be posted and a finals identification practicum will be administered at 7:00 p.m. in the Barn 3 Sales Pavilion.

Scholarships will be presented prior to the OYE Grand Drive on Thursday, March 21st in State Fair Arena. Winners must be wearing official dress for the presentation.

Once a 4-H or FFA member wins a division, they are not eligible to win that division again. Students do NOT have to show at OYE in order to participate. OYE reserves the right to disqualify any students. All decisions are final and no protests will be accepted. All tests are property of OYE and will not be taken from the testing site. No parents, agricultural instructors, or electronic devices including smart watches will be accepted or tolerated in the testing room.

2023 Results


Junior Division Winners

1. Jalyn Lundry

2. Tate McCowan

3. Aubree Hughes

4. Elle Freeman

5. Callie Hoskins

Intermediate Division Winners

1. Kinley Tolle

2. Ella Allen

3. Leighton McNair

4. Abby Porterfield

5. Grant Gosney

Senior Division Winners

1. Bridger Arrington

2. Maysen Garrett

3. Karson Osborn

4. Ethan Stone

5. Ryne Crosthwait

Junior Division Finalists

Kendal Collins
Brody Ehler
Elle Freeman
Callie Hoskins
Aubree Hughes
Jalyn Lundry
Tate McCowan
Sarah Parks
Jasper Shipman
Zeb Watos

Intermediate Division Finalists

Ella Allen
Lawson Croethwait
Jaycee Burns
Grant Gosney
Kaden James
Payne McCarter
Kay Morgan
Abby Porterfield
Jace Taylor
Kinley Tolle

Senior Division Finalists

Bridger Arrington
Paisley Beshear
Ryne Crosthwait
Kelsey Dowdle
Maysen Garrett
Glair Janssen
Paisley Kelso
Cooper Kline
Heath Laubach
Karson Osborn
Luke Rozell
Ethan Stone

Study Guides

2022 Winners

Senior Division:
1st: Sydney Melton — $1,500
2nd: Taylor McConnell — $1,250
3rd: Ethan Stone — $1,000
4th: Ryne Crosthwait — $750
5th: Bella Sargent — $500

Intermediate Division:
1st: Bridger Arrington — $1,500
2nd: Paisley Beshear — $1,000
3rd: Clair Jannsen — $750
4th: Lauren Crosthwait — $500
5th: William Jasper — $250

Junior Division:
1st: Emerson Belt — $1200
2nd: Kinley Tolle — $750
3rd: Sheridan Soules — $500
4th: Ryder King — $350
5th: Sadler Greb — $200

2021 Winners

Senior Division:
1st: Jared Stone — $1,500
2nd: Braden Burns — $1,250
3rd: Elisa Allen — $1,000
4th: Maysen Garrett — $750
5th: Josie Doshier — $500

Intermediate Division:
1st: Ryne Crosthwait — $1,500
2nd: Sydney Melton — $1,000
3rd: Kenna Gay — $750
4th: Cooper Kline — $500
5th: Amey Haymaker — $250

Junior Division:
1st: Jaxon Pickens — $1200
2nd: Kade Henrichs — $750
3rd: Kenley Tolle — $500
4th: Sheridan Soules — $350
5th: Max Mason — $200

2019 Winners

Senior Division:
1st: Weston Houck — $1,500
2nd: Braden Burns — $1,250
3rd: Reagan Stephens — $1,000
4th: Pace Mittelstaedt — $750
5th: Trey Roberts — $500

Intermediate Division:
1st: Maysen Garrett — $1,500
2nd: Blake Janssen — $1,000
3rd: Kelsey Dowdle — $750
4th: Karson Osborn — $500
5th: Wyatt Jensen — $250

Junior Division:
1st: Amey Haymaker — $1200
2nd: McKenna Gay — $750
3rd: Claire Janssen — $500
4th: John Garrett — $350
5th: Maddison Wynd — $200