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Governing Champions

Champion exhibitors at the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Expo were invited to dinner at the Governor’s Mansion.

From the limo to the Governor’s Mansion, this year’s Oklahoma Youth Expo champion exhibitors enjoyed dinner at the Governor’s Mansion with Governor Kevin Stitt on May 13, 2019.

Governor Stitt commended these exhibitors on their hard work and dedication to excellence. With rural roots running deep in his own family, Governor Stitt said it is important to him to reward and showcase the rural ag youth who make Oklahoma great.

“It is exciting to have a governor who genuinely cares about our ag youth and rural Oklahomans,” said Tyler Norvell, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Youth Expo. “At OYE we know our exhibitors already do big things and when we get the opportunity to show them off to our legislators and those who influence the future of Oklahoma, we certainly do not pass up the opportunity.” 

In addition to dinner at the Mansion, the four ladies who exhibited the champion market animals were recognized on both the House and Senate floors earlier the same day.

Champion steer exhibitor, Cierra Collins, champion barrow exhibitor, Madilyn Norvell, champion wether goat exhibitor, Addyson Schneberger, and champion wether lamb exhibitor, Lydia Straka, were brought in front of both houses and presented with a citation, congratulating them on their successes at the Oklahoma Youth Expo.

“We hope to make this an annual event for our champion exhibitors,” Norvell said. “It is important for our elected officials to see Oklahoma’s talented ag youth.”

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— Written by JD Rosman

The Oklahoma Youth Expo is the largest youth event in the state of Oklahoma. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, more than 7,000 exhibitors, their educators and families travel to Oklahoma City each spring from all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties to exhibit their livestock projects. Throughout the course of the ten-day event, OYE has a $25 million impact on Oklahoma City. For more information about the Oklahoma Youth Expo visit