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National Blue and Corn Gold

National blue and corn gold. 

“I believe in the future of agriculture.” 

Corduroy jackets. 

Life-long memories. 

Four of the many things that come to mind when thinking about the National FFA Organization. I often find myself scrolling through my phone, finding pictures attached to memories that I will never forget. 

The late nights spent in a hotel room, giving what felt like the millionth set of reasons, followed by early mornings getting into official dress to work through classes and form yet another set of reasons. 

The countless hours spent with my family at the kitchen table reciting the beloved five paragraphs of The FFA Creed. Making sure every step and hand movement was perfectly timed, and not a single word, or syllable for that matter, out of place. 

The early meetings before school as an officer team to make sure everything would go as planned at the end of year awards banquet. 

Hours upon hours spent in a van traveling across the state or country for another contest, retreat, leadership camp, or convention. 

The memories soon stop after you walk across the stage for the last time to receive the sought-after gold key. But the relationships and experiences last forever. 

The National FFA Association teaches confidence, integrity, accountability, humility… the list goes on and on. The lessons we learn while wearing the coveted blue corduroy are infinite. And they don’t end when you take off your jacket for the last time.

The people you meet at FFA events, top notch. The friendships and mentors that we gain from diving head first into FFA are second to none, and people you will be able to count on forever. 

So, here’s to the blue and gold! 

Happy National FFA Week!