2017 Nominations 


Nomination Reports

PDFs are up-to-date as of 02/16/17

  • Please note: If you email or call with a change, we update our internal entry system and do not re-export the PDFs every time. 
  • IMPORTANT: If misspellings or corrections need to be made on a nomiation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the corrected information.

icon 2017 Sheep, Goat and Steer Nomination Report (Updated as of 02/16/17)

icon 2017 Nomination Report for Swine (Updated as of 02/16/17)


Nomination Distribution Dates

OCTOBER 17, 2016 (Goats, Sheep, Steers)

  • Enid at Garfield Co. Extension Office
  • Tulsa at Tulsa Co. Extension Office
  • Atoka at Kiamichi CareerTech
  • Lawton at Comanche Co. Fairgrounds
  • * OYE representative will be available from 8am to 5pm at each site.


OCTOBER 25, 2016 (Goats, Sheep, Steers)

  • Stillwater at State Greenhand Quiz


NOVEMBER 18, 2016 (Swine)

  • Enid at Garfield Co. Extension Office
  • Tulsa at Tulsa Co. Extension Office
  • Atoka at Kiamich CareerTech
  • Duncan at NSR Fall Classic
  • * OYE representative will be available from 8am to 5pm at each site.


Nomination Deadlines

NOVEMBER 3, 2016 (Goats, Sheep, Steers)

Deadline for the following:

  • Market Steers
  • Market Lambs
  • Commercial Ewes
  • Market Goats
  • Breeding Does
  • Wether Dam Breeding Does

DECEMBER 8, 2016 (Swine)

Deadline for the following:

  • All Swine



All Species - $20.00 per kit

Payment is due when you pick up your Nomination Kit.

If you wish to have your kits mailed to you, there is a $50 shipping and handing fee. There are no additional charges to pick up your kits at a distribution site or at the OYE office!


2017 Tag Colors

  • Swine - Yellow
  • Steers - Purple
  • Goats - Pink
  • Sheep - Orange


Helpful Downloads

Click on the link below to download the corresponding file!


Steers, Sheep, Goats & Swine Nominations

Please carefully read instructions below:

Step #1

Pick up Nomination Kits from distribution site.  Before you begin nomination requirements:  when pulling hair samples (DNA samples), take care to obtain HAIR FOLLICLES (hair roots). This is very important! Pull hair from the following points:

  • Steers: Switch of tail
  • Sheep: Legs
  • Goats: Legs
  • Swine: Tail, legs, or back of neck

Step #2

After receiving your nomination kits, complete the nomination card / envelope, perform the requirements for each species listed below. NOTE: You will need one envelope per animal. In order to properly nominate an animal for OYE, the following is required to be sent in to the OYE office:


  • Hair DNA sample
  • Three photos of Angus, Hereford, & Shorthorn (head shot, show side profile, non-show side profile -- all with the exhibitor)
  • Two photos (head shot, show side profile -- all with the exhibitor)


  • Nose print (Nose prints should be taken on white index cards. Wipe the steer's nose dry before taking the print so it will be clear and free of smudges. Do not bend card in half to mail in. You must have ink to make the nose print)
  • Nomination envelope
  • Breeders verification certificate (not necessary for steers nominated as Crossbred) - Click here to download the pdf.



  • Hair DNA sample
  • Nomination envelope


  • Hair DNA sample
  • Nomination envelope


  • Hair DNA sample
  • Ear notch
  • Nomination envelope

Step #3

Next, place the hair sample inside the plastic bag which is provided for you, seal the bag shut, and write the animal's OYE tage number on the outside of the bag (making sure the ink will not rub off). Place the bag of hair (DNA) sample inside of the nomination envelope and seal it as well. All other information, (i.e. breeders verification form, nose print, and photo for steers) should be stapled to the back of the nomination envelope.

Step #4

Last, mail or deliver the entire packet to the OYE office on or before the deadline date. NOTE: DO NOT attempt to mail the nomination envelope itself. You must place all nomination envelopes inside of a mailing envelope prior to mailing.  

All OYE tags should be placed in the right ear of each animal.


Mail all nominations to:

500 NW 30th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118