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Our Promise

We made a promise. 

A promise to keep our youth in the spotlight. A promise to come back stronger together. A promise to unite as an industry. 

This year, we held true to that promise. 

365 days of uncertainty and preparation, all to uphold our promise. Our promise of keeping our heads held high and faith in our hearts. Faith in our industry, that truly never stops. Faith in our stock show families who never leave each other’s sides. Faith in ourselves, knowing we could make it through what life was throwing our way. Faith in the Lord above, knowing that His plan might not always make sense, but trusting he knows what is best. 

Together we prevailed. Together we picked up the pieces and placed them back together. Together we accomplished everything and more. 

We have proven that we are resilient. We have proven our strength. We have proven our determination to stand strong for the youth of Oklahoma. 

As we march into the coming days, we will keep our heads held high in hopes of tomorrow, eyes focused forward, looking to the future knowing we as an industry are the definition of resilience. Our youth are the future. And we will keep them in the spotlight.