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Postponed. Rescheduled. Cancelled. Three heartbreaking words we dread to hear. 

Over the last year we have heard those words all too often. This year is the year of redemption. The year we are going to show everyone what we are made of: resilience, hard work, and an undying passion for an industry that never stops.

To the exhibitor who put in countless hours in the barn working with animals to get them ready for OYE 2020, this is your year.  

To the parents who spent countless amounts of time and money to make sure your exhibitor was ready, clothes clean, trailer packed, food in their stomachs, both the exhibitors and animals, this is your year.

To the grandparents, who traveled from near and far to watch your senior walk in the ring one more time, doing something that they have an uninhibited passion for, this is your year.

To the teachers and advisors who took time to make sure all of their students were fully prepared and ready for #TheGreatestShow, this is your year.  

2020 was something no one expected. It was a time of tragedy, loss and frustration. But the best things in life are yet to come, because through the ashes comes new growth, coming in stronger than ever. Your time is now, your time for redemption.