Ag Mechanics Entry Report

Cattle Entry Report

Sheep/Goat Entry Report

Swine Entry Report


Entries Due: February 17, 2023


Entries must be completed by the extension agents and ag teachers only using their club login.

Re-Tag Information

Re-tags for ALL species are $5.00. Payment is required at the time of purchase. In order to complete a re-tag, please fill out the online form below and a new one will be sent to you.

RE-TAG FORM – Click Here

Helpful Downloads

Mock Entry Form – PDF

Legal Release Form

NOTE: This is NOT an official entry form, but rather a helpful form for ag teachers and extension agents.

Entry Fees

Heifers: $40.00
Steers: $30.00
Goats: $20.00
Sheep: $20.00
Purebred Ewes: $35.00
Swine: $20.00

Entry fee money must be postmarked by February 24, 2023 and mailed to the OYE office.

Personal checks are not accepted.

Late Entry Fees

If you miss the entry deadline, you may still enter through February 24, 2023. To input a late entry, please follow the entry link.
Heifers: $140.00 ($40 + $100 late fee)
Steers: $130.00 ($30 + $100 late fee)
Goats: $120.00 ($20 + $100 late fee)
Sheep: $120.00 ($20 + $100 late fee)
Purebred Ewes: $135.00 ($35 + $100 late fee)
Swine: $120.00 ($20 + $100 late fee)

If you miss the first late entry deadline of February 24, 2023, you may still enter up until the start of the show. To input a late entry, please email whitney@okyouthexpo.org.
Heifers: $290.00 ($40 + $250 late fee)
Steers: $280.00 ($30 + $250 late fee)
Goats: $270.00 ($20 + $250 late fee)
Sheep: $270.00 ($20 + $250 late fee)
Purebred Ewes: $285.00 ($35 + $250 late fee)
Swine: $270.00 ($20 + $250 late fee)


Fitting Chute – $25.00
Scale – $15.00
Tie Out – $20.00
Swine Cart – $30.00
Sheep/Goat Stand Fee – $10.00

Online Entry Tips & Tricks

Form Instructions

Do not click “Check out” until you are completely finished entering all exhibitors and their information. You may click “Save this cart for later” if you wish to leave the entry process and return later.

Exhibitors’ Password

Each exhibitor’s password is the password set for the exhibitor at nomination time. If you cannot get the password to work, please try “1234”.

Save, Save, Save!

Save your information often! Many times, during a maintenance upload or during high traffic, the ShoWorks system will log you off of the entry process. To avoid the risk of losing your information, we suggest you click the “Save” button after every completed entry.


You must print and include a receipt with your mailed payment. OYE highly recommends making a copy of your detailed receipt, not just the receipt showing the total amount owed in entry fees. This will serve as proof of each animal entered.

Online Entry Instructions

Step 1 – Logging In

  • Click “Login/logoff” on the top left-hand side of your screen.
  • Choose “Club.”
  • Club login: Choose your FFA chapter or 4-H county.
  • Password: The passwords are pre-set by OYE: FFA chapters: The password will be OKAE followed by your chapter number (ex: OKAE0###). County 4-H: The password will be OKCE followed by your county code (ex: OKCE0###).

Step 2 – Account Information

  • Choose “Begin adding exhibitors and their entries.”
  • Type the exhibitor’s first and last name. Important: The student’s name must be typed EXACTLY how it appears on the OYE nomination report. All exhibitors who have nominated a market steer, market barrow, market lamb, market goat, commercial ewe, purebred gilt or commercial gilt must choose “This exhibitor has already been registered.” All exhibitors who are only showing breeding heifers or purebred ewes must choose “This is a new exhibitor.”
  • Type the exhibitor’s password. Already registered exhibitors: The password is what the exhibitors set it as at nominations. New exhibitors: You must create a password. We suggest using your club/county password.
  • The exhibitor’s information page will appear. If all information is correct, click “Continue.” You may also edit the exhibitor’s information if needed. All “new” exhibitors must fill in the required information.

Step 3 – Entries

  • Choose a department.
  • Choose a division. Please check the nomination report, which is on the corresponding page of this website, for a complete list of nominated animals. You may only enter an animal exactly how it is listed on the nomination report. If you receive an error message, it is more than likely you are trying to enter in a different breed than what is posted on the nomination report.
  • Choose a validation number – this is the OYE tag number.
  • Click “Continue.” Exhibitors showing more than one animal: Continue by choosing a department and repeating the process. Exhibitors showing only one animal: Click “Continue.”
  • Once you have entered all animals for a particular exhibitor, click “Continue” until you reach the check out process.

Step 4 – Check Out

  • If you are finished with all exhibitors, click “Check out” and proceed with the on-screen instructions.
  • If you need to add more entries, click the appropriate tab.
  • You may also save your cart for later. OYE recommends using this feature as often as possible. This allows you to leave the entry process and return at your own pace without losing any data.