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The Beloved Blue and Gold

The beloved blue and gold jacket.

This is what many of us think of when we reflect upon National FFA Week.

Whether you’re a student and wearing it now, or the days have long passed and you’re left with the memories made while wearing your jacket, it’s almost as if we never really take it off.

Sure, your jacket may not fit any more, or it may be buried in your closet somewhere, but it seems the true essence of FFA is with us, even still. 

The life lessons learned, the skills developed, the memories made – it’s woven into the fiber of our being, establishing itself as a core part of who we are. 

Perhaps this is the magic of programs like FFA. It goes far beyond the infamous blue and gold. It sticks with us. 

Through Supervised Agricultural Experiences, Career Development Events, and so much more, FFA takes students and prepares them for life. It raises our students up in an environment of empowerment, in belief in the future of agriculture and of our world. 

As we celebrate a week dedicated to the FFA, we encourage you to stop and take it in, enjoying every moment you have to stop and celebrate a program that helps shape the next generation of leaders, that helped shape many of us. 

FFA members, we support you in your FFA journey and are proud of all you are doing to prepare yourself for what’s to come. While many of us no longer wear the blue and gold, we are grateful to watch you all guide us onward and lead us to what is undoubtedly a positive and bright future. 

We believe in the future of agriculture, and we believe in you. 

Happy National FFA Week from all of us at the Oklahoma Youth Expo!