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The Show Never Stops

Our family. Our industry. Our livelihood. 

The livestock industry has been blessed with some of the most hard working people. From volunteers and staff to exhibitors and families. And because of those people the show never stops. Whether that’s at home, keeping the operation behind the lights going, or at The Greatest Show, keeping animals ready, kids fed, and the show moving, the backbone of this industry is truly like none other.

The passion and dedication that keeps us moving is unmatched. We are the future. And time never stops, so why should we? 

Though outsiders may call us crazy for the early mornings and the late nights, the long hours and short breaks, we are driven by intense passion. Complete devotion to the agricultural industry, the people, and in our case, The Greatest Show.

No matter what, the show never stops. Nothing can take away the lessons learned in and out of the barn or the experience acquired each time your step foot in the ring. Just as our exhibitors have been so committed to raising their projects, we are committed to this show. This show hasn’t stopped. This is The Greatest Show.