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We’ll Keep The Lights On

Wake up, get dressed, head to the barn, feed, eat breakfast, and, now, head to school. 

While the dog days of summer may be coming to a close, there is excitement to be found in this new season. Not only is it experiencing new teachers and making new friends, it is also the start of fall show season. 

The summer days you gave up to work with your stock, the endless hours traveling from jackpot to jackpot, the blood and sweat you put into your summer projects. Your time to shine is now. This new season begins now

For some, it is the first show season of their career. For others, it is the start of senior year. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever you dream, our wish is for you to enjoy it all and remain dialed in.

Continue progressing forward and honing your skills. 

Keep practicing showmanship in the yard with dad. Keep competing against your sibling in the ring. Keep thanking mom for that home-cooked meal she kept warm while you were out working in the barn. Keep being a part of something bigger than yourself because, we promise you, you will not regret it. 

March forward and aim higher. 

For, when the fall show season approaches its end, a new beginning awaits you. A beginning full of new opportunities, new challenges, and a new set of shows to work for. 

The Greatest Show is on the horizon, and we cannot wait to see what all you accomplish. So, keep working. Keep dreaming. Keep your head held high. Keep your focus sharpened. 

For now, we will keep the lights on, the smoke ready, and the trophies waiting, just for you.